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YOUniquely You Unleashed!
Unleash YOU!
A 6 Week Coaching Program with Luria

You already have everything you need to create engaging content, show up confidently on camera, and grow your personal brand through your YOUniquely You magic… all you need now... is to UNLEASH it!

It’s scary and uncomfortable and it doesn’t feel as easy as it sounds to “just be you”. 

As you try to do this "in the real world"... 

You struggle with showing up authentically on camera. You feel stiff and awkward. Your personality feels like it gets lost and just… disappears! 

You hate the sound of your voice, and the way you mess up words. You think you say “um” too much. You have a vision of how you’d like to be seen by the viewer… but when you get on camera… you fail to achieve it! 

Hey… I got ya!!! I see too many people struggle with these issues trying to do it on their own. 

That’s why I decided to open my schedule for a small group of people who want support, guidance and coaching directly from me. 

People who are ready to stop sitting back hoping that one day they’ll feel more confident. 

If you’re ready to finally embrace who you are and UNLEASH it… I’d love to help you do it!


  • Feel more confident on camera than you ever thought possible 
  • Create your YOUniverse (you'll learn exactly what that means!)
  • Lean into your strengths 
  • Add the personality “umph” you’ve been missing 
  • Let go of the traps inside your brain holding you back 
  • Get people to ENGAGE with you based on YOUnique Audience Triggers 
  • Take advantage of the tech to remove stiffness and add FUN personality

You'll become a new version of yourself... one who doesn't worry about what people might think or say. One who believes in yourself and can stand proud in who you are... flaws and all!

So that you can STOP focusing on all uncomfortable stuff and START focusing on what really matters...

Reaching more people so you can help more people and have that bigger impact in your world that you dream of!

A 6 Week Coaching Program with Luria 

This program allows me to go deep with you as an individual. I’ll watch your content so I can offer more personalized advice. 

I’ll be there every step of the way to help you lean into your strengths. 

Begins May 10th 
Ends June 25th 

  • Small, intimate group - LIMITED AVAILABILITY! 
  • Vetted to ensure the group dynamics will be positive and uplifting! 
  • A SAFE PLACE to get vulnerable and try new things!

Weekly Zoom Calls with Luria and the small group 

  • Each person will receive a Supportive Spotlight session, where everyone gives feedback and ideas for Creating your YOUniverse 
  • Check Ins every week to make sure you’re progressing 

Private Chat App 

  • Private message Luria for support outside calls (within reason)
  • Connect with the group as you make progress or hit walls 
  • Video messages for more intimate conversations! 

Personalized Advice 

  • Luria will watch your content throughout the program and customize her advice to you as we go.

  • You're already doing video or live streams 
  • You're ready to step up your game and want personalized coaching
  • You see the value of working with a small group of like-minded people in a safe environment 
  • You're willing to put in the effort to reach your goals
  • You're still deciding if you want to start creating video or what your topic is (There needs to be something for me to watch so I can see how you show up on camera)
  • You’re unwilling to be supportive of other people and participate as a group 
  • You're not willing to get out of your comfort zone in order to get bigger results 
  • You’re set in your ways and don’t believe there’s another way to approach things
BONUS #1: Unleash the TECH!

This program is primarily focused on unleashing your personality, but let's not ignore the fact that TECH can actually help you bring your personality out! 

  • Session on how to use YOUR tech setup to engage the audience (personalized for each individual)
  • 2 Tech Calls with LSP team members to sort out any issues or questions 
  • Request Tech Help in the Private Chat Group (within reason)

BONUS #2: Streamer Accelerator
Get access to our larger support group, Streamer Accelerator for 2 months! 

  • LIVE Video Blueprint Course (all our DIY workshops!)
    • Get Started Quickly without Tech
    • Create Your Dream Video Studio
    • Software Training
    • Content Growth Strategy
  • Private Facebook Group  
  • Additional Tech & Strategy Training Calls
Apply before April 28th at 5 PM PT and if you’re approved into the group, you’ll get… 

A 30 minute 1 on 1 call with Luria!

Let’s start by completing the application to ensure we’re the right fit together and to help me put together the right group dynamics. 

Total for the Program is $1497

  • $500 deposit upon applying… and don’t worry!! 
    • It’s refundable if you or I decide it’s not the right fit! 
  • Once you’re accepted, you'll pay an additional $997 for the 6 week program, weekly calls, private chat and 2 Bonuses


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